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— Relaxing treatments


— Relax Massage

A full body relaxing massage with chamomile oil that relieves stress, soothes the muscles and bring balance to body and mind. After the session you will feel deeply relaxed and restored. Ideal for those who suffer from stress and insomnia or want to enjoy a restful sleep.

— Aroma Massage

A head to toe massage combined with prime quality lavender essential oil that aims to relax the body and calm the mind, while uplifting your spirit.

— Ancient Greek Massage

Enjoy a total body relaxation and rejuvenation with the use of ancient Greek cupping technique as it was described by Hippocrates. The combination of massage and suction cups relieves aches & tension in the muscles, while it promotes lymph and blood circulation.

— Malasso Back Massage

An authentic experience that combines traditional Greek techniques along with suction cups in the back, neck and shoulders. This massage will relieve all tension in the back and make you feel rested and restored.

— Corfu Heritage

A unique massage based in organic beeswax and kumquat extract. The rhythmical techniques and soothing essences will calm your mind and awaken your senses.

— Ancestral Massage

Travel back in time with ancient Greek techniques of this massage, balancing and revitalizing body and soul. After the treatment you will feel like being reborn.

In our treatments we use our signature oil, which is based on ancient recipes that survived through time. Our signature oil consists of supreme quality extra virgin olive oil and chamomile extract from Corfu’s nature, which are totally organic and skin- friendly.

Note: In case of any allergies, please, inform us prior to your treatment.

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